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decaf chai tea

Decaffeinated Chai Tea: Fact or Fiction?

Monk’s Chai prides itself on providing all corners of Australia with authentic Chai based on our trademark recipe and passion for Chai culture. The Monks Chai team sources ingredients that live up to our strict standards and reputation, while in turn, brewing and designing an ethical and original blend that transports drinkers to a chaiwallah with each cup.

Chai is standardly made with black tea and has deep roots within South Asian culture for a refreshing beverage with a rich history. The Monk's Chai team took the challenge by force to develop a caffeine-free alternative and are ecstatic to share it with our loyal patrons.

decaf chai tea

Our tea specialists have cracked the code to provide the same excellent flavor with zero caffeine and welcome you to step eagerly into a new world of possibility. Bring home Monks Chai same unique and original flavor profile, minus the caffeine today!

Monk’s Chai Decaffeinated Chai Tea

A regular Chai beverage will contain 25-60 mg of caffeine per cup of chai. It’s still only a third of what a cup of coffee contains, but the results can trigger different experiences depending on the body’s tolerance.

We knew creating a decaffeinated chai tea would require a blend of different herbal alternatives from our standard organic Assam black tea base. The Monks Chai tea specialists decided to focus on how they could infuse and blend herbal rooibos and tulsi teas in our newly released decaffeinated Monks Chai. These two teas are strong in flavor, and neither contain caffeine.

Flavor Notes Of Decaffeinated Monks Chai

Rooibos and Tulsi tea are already two extremely popular caffeine-free options. Take a closer look at what each tea brings to the pot:
Rooibos tea flavor notes include:

  • Sweet and nutty
  • Natural honey, vanilla, or caramel notes
  • Pairs well with apple, chocolate, and berry
Tulsi has a strong recognizable aroma and is from the culinary basil family. A cup of Tulsi tea brings the following flavor notes:
  • Floral
  • Pepper
  • Clove-like aroma

Tulsi tea has a range of flavors depending on the strand of plant, and may at times, offer citrusy and lemon aroma.

With these two teas in our decaffeinated Monk's Chai, the tasting notes feature:

  • Mellow undertones of the earthiness of cloves presented by our Organic Rama Tulsi
  • Sweet honey-like maltiness, and layered vanilla notes of our Organic Rooibos

Does decaf chai tea still have caffeine?

Caffeine isn’t the only thing that can change the mind and heart. With our decaffeinated Chai Tea we wanted to let other ingredients take center stage and let their natural energy and stimulating effects lead the charge.

In our Uncaffeinated Chai Tea original blend, we’ve included the energy powers of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. All four spices contain stimulants that will have fewer effects on the body and are easier to digest throughout the day. Similarly, all four components are linked to mental alertness and are in our Organic Chai blend.


Regardless if you seek a Chai that packs a caffeinated punch or enjoy the drink for its calming and spicy qualities, Monk's Chai is happy to serve. With our retail locations and easy packaging to bring home, there's never a bad time to enjoy a cup of chai. Look no further than Monk’s Chai for the best organic chai in AU.

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