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Our Mission

To strive towards and constantly deliver excellence around our company pillars of:


To give our customers a consistently excellent flavour experience with each Monk’s Chai brewed. Employing a high level of curation of specialty grade organic ingredients.

How can Monk’s Chai do better?

By developing more flavour profiles for the customers that we serve. We are very methodical in our approach to blending and we’ll be releasing new specialty products to the market to meet demand soon.


The farms that we source from are not only chosen for prescribing to organic farming practices but they are also checked for working standards of employees. We maintain a healthy outreach programme to raise funds in times of crisis as a company standard. Quite simply: If we see something, we do something about it.

How can Monk’s Chai do better?

We are in the process of implementing triple bottom line reporting from our suppliers and farmers. We are cooperating with them by offering frameworks for them to follow over time. We believe that assessing business from the triple bottom line gives any business, supplier or farmer the opportunity to recognise shortcomings and make positive adjustments toward sustainable business practices from a human, ecological and profit perspective. We believe that having a business that does good is just good business.


We sourcing goods from organic suppliers that we know are employing sustainable farming techniques in growing our natural ingredients. We are working with farms and suppliers to implement triple bottom line reporting.

What can Monk’s Chai do better?

We have been using packaging that is Redcycle recyclable but we want to do better and we are pledging to move to fully recyclable or compostable packaging in our next print run.

We are looking at creating local community self serve locations for chai with our first location to live in August 2021.

Further we are evaluating carbon offset programmes that take into account our whole footprint as a business and look to move us to a carbon neutral status.

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