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The Chai Experience: It’s More Than Just A Beverage

The Chai Experience: It’s More Than Just A Beverage

The Cultural Significance of Chai

Whether you are making Chai at home or meeting friends at a local shop it is an experience to share. The warmth and signature spicy aroma of Chai can transport anyone into the chaotic streets of India. With one sip, the heat and warmth of the chaotic streets enter, and the body becomes flushed. One cup can potentially travel the mind across the globe to a traditional chai wallah or tea stand.

For decades the chai wallahs have been passed down through families becoming a neighborhood staple. Each one offers a signature recipe and a cup of connection for their patrons. 

We envision a future with Chai at the forefront of mental health and stress relief. Read on to discover why we have this heart-based reaction and the history of the beautiful Chai beverage.

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The History And Evolution Of Chai

While the origins of Chai are steeped in colonialization and embracing the British empire's “tea time,” Chai culture has evolved and grown with independent flair and legacy.

When you sit down at a neighborhood Chai wallah, the other patrons are neighbors, and strangers also seeking a respite. Everyone looking to take a breath and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, a cup of tea.

The seller follows an intricate process. There is the main pot of Chai which is being adjusted with spices and milk constantly and then also hot water kettles and an assortment of tiny cups. Stalls will sell the chai in glass cups or plastic takeaway bags.

When the Chai is ready, the seller will use a measuring cup to scoop into the pot and pour it back several times. This will be done from a height that is incredible to witness. The action of pouring the Chai repetitively into the pot helps to cool the mixture and prepare it for customers to drink instantly. It will also help to stir and froth the beverage. 

There is musicality and harmony in the movements witnessed at tiny Chai wallahs. There is constant chatter and an upbeat feeling of looking forward to taking a break, similar to the environments we create in coffee shops. While the art form of making Chai does not extend past India the love and care put into every cup crosses all borders. 

chai experiences

Tea Is A Culture Of Connection

Across the globe, you can discover different “tea cultures.” On top of Chai in India, you have Touareg in Morocco, Matcha in Japan, Camolmile in Italy, and Hibisucus in Hawaii, plus many more. While each culture approaches tea differently, they all boil down to connection and reflection. We’ve highlighted a few different ways from our experience that Chai intermingles with connection and culture. 

Hospitality and Chai

Serving guests a cup of tea can be a basic hosting responsibility. Upgrade your guests' experience and connect with them over a cup of Chai. Demonstrate the diverse and spicy flavors and warm your friends and family's hearts and hands by serving this beverage. (link monks chai at home retail)

Mindfulness and Chai

Create a chai mindfulness practice with one cup a day and see the difference in how you conquer stress or navigate responsibility. Give yourself grace and the opportunity to pause and reflect while enjoying a cup of Chai. 

Stress relief and Chai

You might be feeling overwhelmed and fatigued due to stress. Chai is a powerhouse mixture of several different spices and can alleviate stress, at least momentarily. From caffeine helping you to feel alert to the scent of cinnamon with its calming sensory warmth, every sip should strip the stress from your life away. 

Happiness and Chai

Two well-known ingredients in cups of Chai are ginger and turmeric, both help to regulate moods and increase happiness. Ginger is an antioxidant consistently proven to balance hormones and increase blood flow to the brain. Even just smelling ginger will bring a smile to your face. Turmeric is linked to many studies proving its ability to lower stress or anxiety, and reducing inflammation in the brain. 

Discover over 16 chai benefits you may not known!

Experience Chai Beyond the Beverage

2 cup of chai

Chai has such a unique flavor composition it's understandable that mixologists and bakers will attempt to capture it in unique ways. We found a couple of delicious treats to enjoy Chai we think you’ll enjoy!

Chai-flavored foods and desserts

Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

A combination every fall lover will faint for. Pair with a morning or afternoon cup of Chai and sink into a feeling similar to being wrapped in a blanket on a crisp fall morning.

Chai Latte No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Sometimes when the sweet tooth calls, it needs an instant answer. This recipe is easy to follow and will make you the hit of every party you attend!

Chai-inspired cocktails and mocktails

Mix it up and try one of these refreshing beverages and spice up your evening!

The Fall Lowball

Concocted with a smooth blend of whiskey and orange liqueur, the mixologist will pour it all over waiting for Chai tea and finish with an impressive ice cube. 

Spiced Vanilla Chai Iced Tea With Orange

You can choose to have this drink with or without alcohol as it doesn’t hinder the recipe and expected finish. This recipe calls for a freshly brewed chai that is then put aside to chill.

Spiced Orange Chai Digestive Mocktail

Food blogger Liz Moody capitalizes on the health components of Chai by creating an after-meal digestive mocktail that will tickle the tastebuds.

Discover more chai recipes here!

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