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Monk's Organic Specialty Chai pays respect to the roots of Asian and Indian spiced tea traditions while adopting a contemporary approach to deliver a premium brew. We take a specialty approach to sourcing only the finest quality ingredients for our chai. Our original plant-based blend has been handcrafted using the highest-grade Assam black tea; ethically sourced from small organic family producers of the Brahmaputra Valley. We only use pure Ceylon cinnamon of C-4 to Alba grade from Sri-Lanka, Bold Cardamom sourced from Guatemala, Jamaican Pimento, Keralan ginger, Whole nutmeg from the Moluccas. Our ingredients are all specialty grade and all organic!


Drinking chai tea has been known for centuries as a great way to stay healthy, and now you can enjoy it every day with Monk's Chai. From the antioxidants in the tea to the Pimento pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom that give it the unique flavor, chai is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Here are the health benefits of chai: It has antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals from damaging your cells and DNA. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce pain and swelling caused by arthritis or other conditions. It contains vitamin C, which boosts immune system function so you can fight off colds and infections more easily. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and zinc—all the essential daily nutrients your body needs! Chai is not just a drink; it's a way of life and can incredibly impact your health. Try our Monk's Chai blend the next time you're craving a warm drink!

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Do you know what's great about chai? It's warm, it's spicy, and it's got just a hint of sweetness. And you know what's not so great about chai? The fact that most of the chai brands on the market are made with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. We're different—we only use real and organic ingredients to make our chai. And we're proud to say that we've been doing it since before it was cool! Our chai has always been made with Assam black tea, fresh Keralan ginger, pure Ceylon cinnamon, Bold Cardamom, and sustainably grown Pimento, making it the best chai in Australia. Whether you're looking for a new tea supplier or want to try something new, we've got you covered. Our premium Monk's chai blend comes in a unique signature flavour that guarantees the perfect cup of chai every time. If you want the best organic chai in Australia, look no further.

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Not only are we plant-based, organic, hand blended and made in Australia. We're also delicious.

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Chai is the perfect drink for any time of the day. We all know that feeling of comfort and joy when you sip a hot cup of chai. We want to share that great feeling with you. That's why we created Monk's Chai—where you can buy the best chai Australia offers! We've spent years perfecting our recipe, and we're proud to say that we've made it to the top of our industry. At Monk's chai, we've carefully selected the finest ingredients and combined them with time-honored recipes to create a product that's both delicious and nutritious! When you buy from us, you get the real deal—no preservatives, artificial flavors, or unnecessary chemicals. Browse through the Shop section on our website to order your favorite Monk's chai blend.

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Crafted by a group of specialty tea and coffee lovers with diverse backgrounds and a common interest in curating the most premium flavours.

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We want to share our premium chai with the world.

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