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May 28, 2024

Tannins in Tea: What to Know?

Tea is a beloved beverage enjoyed worldwide for its diverse flavors, rich history, and numerous health benefits. A ke...

May 28, 2024

Tea Meditation - Savouring Serenity

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, finding moments of serenity becomes essential for maintaining inner peace a...

May 3, 2024

Exploring Caffeine Sensitivity for Tea Lovers

Caffeine sensitivity is a topic of interest for many, especially those who enjoy indulging in a warm cup of tea. Unde...

May 2, 2024

Monk’s Specialty Chai - A Sip for Healing

In a fast-paced world filled with stress and chaos, finding moments of tranquility and healing becomes essential. Ami...

Apr 15, 2024

Is Monk’s Specialty Chai Suitable for a Traditional Afternoon Tea?

In the tea culture, the tradition of afternoon tea holds a special place, embodying elegance, indulgence, and refined...

Apr 15, 2024

How is Monk’s Chai Embracing Sustainability?

In a world where environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, Monk’s Chai is not just about brewi...

Feb 29, 2024

Tea Dictionary: Find Your Tea and Chai Terms Here!

Starting to explore tea and chai is like stepping into a world full of history, different cultures, and complex flavo...

Feb 29, 2024

Your Go-To Guide for Tea Cupping

Tea, the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, is more than just a comforting drink—it's an experie...

Jan 29, 2024

The Best Way To Store Tea and Chai

At Monk’s Chai, we take storing tea seriously. For a perfect cup of chai every time, follow these few simple preserva...

Jan 24, 2024

What is better for your health: Green tea or Black tea?

Ah, the age-old question for tea enthusiasts – Green or black? Both have a long history and offer many health benefit...

Jan 24, 2024

How is Cayenne Pepper Beneficial for Your Health?

Cayenne pepper, a fiery crimson spice, is more than just a flavor bomb. Native to South America, this popular chili p...

Jan 22, 2024

What is Chai?

You’ve seen it at your local café and supermarket, and you’ve seen it on your Instagram feed, but what exactly is cha...
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