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Best Chai Australia

Best Chai Australia

Monk's Chai started with a simple vision. Our founders, Andy Blyth, John Anderson, and Marwin Shaw, have united through their passion fueled by Chai aroma, history, and health benefits. Each founder continues to push forward and fulfill their vision and purpose with modern Australians, but the arrival of trendy Chai started long before and in a faraway country. 

History of Chai in Australia 

While Australia has always had a blossoming coffee culture, the emergence of Chai offered a sweet and healthy alternative. Co-founder Marwin Shaw took the first step by opening his cafe, Monk Bodhi Dharma, in Balaclava. The cafe provided small and delicious plant-based dishes paired with a diverse and aspirational coffee list and exquisite teas from around the world to broaden its clientele's palette. 

The Monk's Chai brand had yet to be founded when the cafe opened its doors. Instead, Shaw offered a specialty masala chai that quickly rose in popularity with guests. Shaw began working on fine-tuning the elegant recipe and spice blend but realized the lengthy process needed to be more conducive to a cafe setting.

Shaw began experimenting and working with other Chai enthusiasts until the founders of Monk's Chai assembled, and they were ready to launch their products into the marketplace. 

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Where Chai Has Been, And Where Will It Go?

Chai dates back to over 9000 years ago when or Siam royal courts served the beverage as a healing Ayurvedic substitute. Across India, different regions would prepare the beverage with a unique blend of spices and didn't incorporate black tea until which was introduced to India from China around 1820. 

In the 1960s, Masala Chai became a common occurrence and frequent social escape during the work day. Nowadays, tea stalls dot the country and can be found with locals and tourists all day. The trend isn't exclusive to India, Australia, and North America, plus Europe has many places offering variations of Masala Chai, a Chai latte, or a Dirty Chai

While the exotic aroma and spicy taste make it a luxurious break from everyday life, it has several health benefits which maintain its popularity regardless of age or status. 

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Chai Health Benefits

The primary purpose of embracing chai culture is to enjoy the added health benefits found in every mug. Depending on how you make Chai at home with your Monk's Chai strainers and peace packs, you'll still receive at least one of these health benefits. 

Awake And Aware

One mug of Chai is comparable to the caffeine intake of a standard cup of coffee; however, unlike coffee, it releases slowly over time. The slow release is a bonus for people who struggle with the surge of adrenaline from their morning cup of coffee and are looking for a slower alternative. 


The several fragrant ingredients found within Chai, including nutmeg and cinnamon, also contain many antioxidants. From anti-aging properties to alleviating oxidative stress and fighting against arthritis, medical professionals unite in the reasoning behind drinking Chai. 

Ease of Digestion

The Chai ingredients Chai cloves, cardamom, black peppercorns, and ginger all improve digestion. For a multitude of reasons, these natural digestion remedies are sure to help Chai drinkers with sensitive stomachs or previous digestion issues. 

Reduce Inflammation

Many of the same ingredients that help with digestion also ease inflammation. Nutmeg contains rich anti-inflammatory compounds called monoterpenes, including sabinene, terpineol, and pinene. The compounds help reduce inflammation and benefit those with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. 

Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

For Chai to help monitor blood sugar levels, it's best to prepare at home with one of the Monk's Chai Speciality packages. The ingredients cinnamon and ginger will genuinely stand out and have been linked in multiple studies with type 2 diabetes. 

best chai australia

5 Fun Facts About Chai 

Health benefits aside, you can feel good about your Chai consumption with these 5 fun facts!

1. It's Better For The Environment 

1/10th of the water consumption is used when making Chai versus coffee. While we all do our best to help the environment, contributing with a chai habit is an easy, feel-good solution. 

2. Chai contains lower caffeine 

While a standard cup of coffee contains 120mg of caffeine, Chai, on average, contains 40mg. Its slow release of caffeine makes it easier to absorb and doesn't leave you with jitters or increased anxiety. 

3. It's A Popularity Contest 

While everyone might think coffee is the highest-consumed beverage in the world, the truth is people love tea! While water is the first most popular beverage globally, the many different types of teas rate second globally for a popular drink. 

4. Before It Was A Beverage - It Was A Cure

Chai started as something other than a beverage. It was initially a medical treatment with the core ingredient cloves to treat pain and dental hygiene. 

5. Chai Is Life

The word Chai in India means "tea," but it also exists in other languages. For instance, in Hebrew, it is the word for "life," which we think adequately sums up our passion for the spicy beverage. 

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Where To Buy The Best Chai in Melbourne?

While Australia has several places for folks to enjoy a cup of Chai, you can find the best products and tools for home right here at Monk's Chai. Every time you place an order for Monk's Chai signature blend, our team makes it fresh to order and ships within three business days. We have different packages with best price that fit your needs: 1kg bag package3x250g bags package, 2x1kg bags package, 3x1kg bags package, ...

We currently use local post service to reach all of Australia and can't guarantee exact arrival dates. Shop our Wholesale and retail locations and enjoy Chai the way you want it at home. 

Choose to shop and support Monk's Chai and feel the difference passion, creativity, and love make in every cup. Visit us at our local cafes or place your order today for accessible at-home brewing technology and instructions. 

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