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The Best Way To Store Tea and Chai

The Best Way To Store Tea and Chai

At Monk’s Chai, we take storing tea seriously. For a perfect cup of chai every time, follow these few simple preservation chai steps and taste the endless rewards. We believe perfectly home-brewed chai is worth the work, and want to highlight simple mistakes people make when storing tea. Find the storage solution that works for you, and spend more time sipping today!

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Why Correctly Storing Teabags and Chai Is Important

There are several reasons why correctly storing tea is essential. While maintaining fresh flavors is important, correct storage also guarantees health benefits. If your tea is being stored incorrectly and damaged by the oversight, you may also be ingesting toxins living in your delicate leaves.

What You Need To Know About Oxidation

There are several factors to consider with tea storage, and we'd be remiss to exclude the oxidation process. Oxidation is the process of tea leaves being exposed to air and then drying or darkening. Oxidation enhances the flavor, aroma, and strength of all teas, and happens for different lengths of time.

Before the tea arrives in your home, it is oxidized to expose enzymes within the leaf. For black tea, these enzymes encourage health benefits like assisting heart health, protecting against atherosclerosis, and maintaining blood pressure.
With the correct storage, tea will not continue to oxidize and the cups you brew will only contain the already added benefits.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Tea?

The shelf life of tea varies depending on the types of leaves and packaging. The tea with the standard longest shelf life is a black tea bag. While the flavor can change after six months, it is safe for up to two years. Close behind tea bags are loose-leaf tea. Regardless if it’s herbal or caffeinated, when tea is stored and sealed correctly, it will last up to one year.

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The Best Storage Tips For Fresh Tea and Chai

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Avoid These Tea Storage Solutions

Figuring out the best way to store tea means knowing what to avoid. Factors to watch out for at home that may damage tea or decrease its shelf life are light, heat, moisture, odor, and air. Be aware of vendors that retail tea in clear glass containers as there is no protection from sunlight and the tea has already been compromised.

After purchasing tea, avoid spaces at home that places it close to heat or anything with an odor. For example, storing tea above a stove or a cabinet next to trash storage will damage the integrity of the tea.

To avoid damaging tea from moisture and air elements, focus on the containers you store tea in, and avoid humid areas, loose lids, or flimsy boxes. Don’t store the tea on a counter that is in direct sunlight. Packagings like paper bags or clear glass jars will not support a shelf life in the long run, and if you are an avid tea drinker, it's easy to invest in the best storage now to use for years to come.

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How To Store Tea At Home Or The Office

With these three simple steps, you will preserve chai or other types of tea easily and efficiently.

Step 1: How To Store Tea: Packaging

If you have purchased tea that was sold in paper bags or glass containers, we recommend moving it. While these packages are pretty and make great gifts, they will damage the life expectancy of the brew. While we are partial to stainless steel, if you want to purchase ceramic containers for home storage, we remind you to double-check that the lid is airtight.

Step 2: How To Store Tea: Preparation

Expect to tackle light reorganization for the best tea storage in your space. After moving your tea into an airtight stainless steel or opaque container, it's time to find the best location. Remember the ideal storage location will avoid moisture, direct sunlight, and other products with aromas including spices, candles, or discarded waste.

Step 3: How To Store Tea: Location

If you do not want to buy canisters, using multi-ply bags with resealable zippers is a suitable solution. If your tea is going into a pantry shelf, as many do, the multi-ply bag will allow for easy storage and removal. A kitchen pantry is great for protecting from light, but be aware of what else is on the same shelf. If possible, we love a unique and designated tea area or a specially purchased tea box.

The most important thing to remember is that brewing tea is an act of self-love and relaxation. Enjoy the process of bringing tea home and the method to brew.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Store Tea

Why Is Storing Tea Important?

We want you to drink the best cup of tea every time, and storage plays a massive role. When you purchase Monk’s Specialty Chai, we ensure the flavor with resealable and secure packaging. Storing tea is an act of preservation and may seem frustrating at first but will pay off in the long run.

How Do I Know If My Tea Has Expired?

Regardless of storage, tea will give you many indications if it is past date. The flavors will taste bland, bitter, or flat, and pay attention to the final color of steeping. If the tea is darker than normal, it's a good indication it has expired.

Can I Store Tea In The Fridge Or Freezer?

No, you should not store tea in a refrigerator or freezer. Fridges are a location with lots of condensation, plus they will trap other aromas and smells with your tea. Another reason not to store tea in the freezer or fridge is the temperature. Tea stored in cold temperatures has a harder time adjusting to boiling temperatures and may not steep correctly.

Why Is New Packaging Important For Tea Storage?

For regular Monk's Chai home brewers, you do not have to change the packaging. The store-bought Monk's Chai is reusable and designed to seal in the freshness of our chai signature blend. If you are purchasing a small amount of tea bags that you will consume in under a month, the original packaging will suffice. 

In conclusion, storing your chai is crucial to ensure that you enjoy the perfect cup of tea every time and keep the good benefits of chai or tea last longer. Remember these steps:

  • Avoid humid areas, loose lids, or flimsy boxes
  • Avoid direct sunlight, moisture and other products
  • Using multi-ply bags with resealable zippers
  • Should not store tea in a refrigerator or freezer

Does Tea Expire?

Tea doesn't exactly spoil, but its flavor weaker over time. While still safe to consume, you might need to brew a more concentrated amount to compensate for the weakened taste. Loose leaf tea is particularly susceptible to absorbing moisture and air, hastening the loss of its original qualities.

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