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We have been watching the harrowing political situation unfold across Afghanistan over the last several days, and we've been looking for a way to support the Afghan people directly outside of our advocacy efforts with the Australian and US government.

The UNHCR the UN refugee agency is deploying programmes to aid Afghan's in danger right now. They have committed to stay and deliver aid amongst the deteriorating political situation. Right now, they are assisting newly displaced Afghans and they are supplying emergency shelter, food, health, water, sanitation, support and cash assistance, despite challenges in accessing people in need. This is work we can get behind and we strongly recommend that you head to the link in our bio and consider giving generously now.

It is our preference that you take any money that you might have spent with us and give it directly to the UNHCR but if you must buy chai this week know that we are pledging 100% of our profits until the 25th of August to the UNHCR. Additionally, all sales of Monk's Chai from Monkbodhidharma will be donated as well.

This has been a tough time for us in Australia, but time and distance does not need to diminish the value of our connection to each other. Let's unite and find purpose in serving people that are truly in need now.

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