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Can Chai Tea Help You Sleep Well? - Monk's Chai

Can Chai Tea Help You Sleep Well? - Monk's Chai

Chai is a black tea that is aromatic and linked to many beneficial health benefits but does a cup of chai tea before bed help you sleep better? It sounds contradictory to have a cup of caffeine before bedtime but read on and learn why each ingredient in Chai has numerous benefits to the body before bed.

Is The Caffeine In Masala Chai Tea Before Bed Problematic?

Masala Chai is a black tea and therefore contains caffeine. When the first cup of Chai was poured, the recipe intentionally had a slow caffeine release to help the King stay awake in meetings.

It can feel rebellious to have a cup of tea before bed, but rest assured it's a healthy part of any bedtime routine. Chai is only problematic for those with caffeine sensitivity. The slow release will assist with a calm headspace and slow the mind and body before bed. We’ve written about the practice of Mindfulness In Chai, which is a practice that works well during the day or before bed. So, to answer the question “Does chai affect your sleep?”, we would recommend having a cup of Chai at least three hours before bedtime for best results.

The Health Benefits Of Chai Tea Before Bed

A cup of Chai is composed of several ingredients with numerous health benefits. Including a range of antioxidants that also improve digestion, and reduce muscle pain, each spice is linked to positive attributes in the body. Let’s examine how each core ingredient of Chai can benefit your bedtime routine, and what else this earthy aromatic tea is capable of achieving.

  • Cinnamon: One of the most distinguished flavors in a steaming mug of Chai, the real question is can cinnamon help me sleep better? More studies have begun to highlight the anti-insomnia features found within a stick of ginger. The spice naturally reduces tension and helps to relax muscles. After a long day, it can be a soothing nightcap and help with digestion after dinner.
  • Ginger: While ginger is linked to several digestive aids and nausea-reducing studies, finding out the answer to, does ginger keep you awake is not a straightforward answer. Ginger is good for digestion because it helps regulate blood sugar, however, this can also feel like an energy boost. Chewing on ginger or having a herbal lemon ginger tea might be a better alternative if you are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Turmeric: Listed as an ayurvedic medicinal spice, turmeric assists with lowering anxiety, promoting relaxation, and assisting with a good night's sleep. Turmeric is a leading ingredient in any mug of chai tea before bed or during the day. With so many additional digestive qualities, we recommend having Chai after dinner to fully experience all the benefits available.
  • Fennel seeds: These important ingredients work hard to relax muscles and continue to be linked in studies assisting folks struggling with insomnia. While it depends on your body's caffeine tolerance if a cup of chai tea before bed is a good idea, drinking anything with fennel seeds can assist with falling asleep naturally.
  • Nutmeg: This is the spice mainly associated with the earthy texture and heartiness found within a cup of chai; the reason nutmeg also helps with sleep is a chemical called Trimystrin. This chemical can be found in the oil of nutmeg, and equate to an estimated 24-40% of the nutmeg seed. Nutmeg with Trimystrin induces melatonin and assists the body in reaching restful slumber.

Monks Chai Verdict: Can You Drink Masala Chai Tea Before Bed?

At Monk’s Chai, we are focused on creating beverages and organic Chai recipes containing numerous health benefits for our loyal customers. While we love to highlight the benefits of having a cup of Chai any time during the day, only you know your physical response to caffeine. According to Everyday Health, 10% of the population struggles with caffeine intolerance, experiencing negative side effects. We don’t recommend having Chai before bed until you see how your body reacts to the minimal caffeine found in one mug earlier in the day.

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Other Type Of Teas Monk’s Chai Recommends For Bedtime

If Chai isn’t the right fit for you, we encourage you to discover other type of tea that will assist with falling asleep naturally and also relax your mind and body. Here are some of our favorites:

Lemon Ginger Tea

We’ve already established that ginger is an excellent digestive for your body, and removing the black tea component is a great compromise to enjoy this root before bedtime.

Peppermint Tea

The peppermint scent and essential oil are a popular choices for most before slipping into dreamland. With cooling and soothing qualities, peppermint essential oils also help achieve a restful and peaceful mindset. Your muscles will instantly relax and you'll be able to slip away soundly.

Chamomile Tea

This tea has been a popular sleep aid since Roman and Ancient Egyptian times. The star chemical in chamomile tea is apigenin which acts as a sedation tool, sending signals to the brain that it's time to rest. For best results, drink one cup forty-five minutes before bedtime.


Regardless if you are looking for better sleep or want to include Chai in your daily routine, Melbourne has several places where chai lovers and enthusiasts can enjoy or buy ingredients to brew Chai at home. Look no further than Monk’s Chai for the best organic chai in AU.

Monk’s Chai only uses organic ingredients, including Assam black tea, fresh Keralan ginger, pure Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, and pimento. We source ethically grown and sustainably produced spices that encourage our community to thrive. We encourage you to begin the Chai experience today with Monk’s Chai!

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