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May 25, 2022

Monk’s Chai Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the potential positive impacts Chai can have on your lifestyle and health. Is Chai good for you? Chai (tea) ...

May 24, 2022

Best Food with Chai?

Chai is a popular and delicious drink enjoyed by millions of people around the world. If you are looking to explore some food with chai options, from snacks and fruits to any other meal, we've got you covered.  

Apr 20, 2022

What is Karak Chai? All You Need to Know

Are you a traditional chai enthusiast? Perhaps you have tried the popular Karak chai or have heard about it before. S...

Apr 20, 2022

Does Chai Have Caffeine?

What is Chai? A little while ago we wrote in a blog post about the history of this wonderful drink, and what exactly ...

Mar 29, 2022

How Much Sugar is in a Chai latte – All You Need to Know

Processed and added sugars have a bad reputation among people watching their weight and sugar levels. If you love sweetened beverages, then you might want to know how much sugar is in a chai latte is healthy for your body. Keep reading to learn more. 

Mar 17, 2022

What is Sticky Chai: All You Need Know

Are you a chai enthusiast who loves trying out new recipes and all-natural chai ingredients? Perhaps you have heard o...

Nov 15, 2021

How Many Calories in Chai - A Brief Guide

Chai is a popular spiced, milky tea consumed worldwide, especially in India, where it originated. Like how coffee has...

Nov 15, 2021

What is Chai? Everything you need to know about Chai

You’ve seen it at your local café and supermarket, and you’ve seen it on your Instagram feed, but what exactly is cha...
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