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Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

It’s official! In nine months, your family is welcoming its newest member! During any pregnancy, families get concerned about changes to diet. We all know the regulars of no alcohol or soft cheese, but where does your daily cup of chai fall? We don’t think you need to sacrifice this daily warm cup of comfort, but let’s consider why chai tea is safe during pregnancy. 

Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy: Caffeine

A lot of things are going to change when you find out you are pregnant. There will be a list of foods and drinks you can’t consume for nine months, but chai doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. The official stats for caffeine during pregnancy say not to exceed 200 milligrams daily, which equals one 12-ounce cup of coffee. Are you curious how this compares to the world of tea? From steeped and brewed beverages to exquisite chai curators, we find out exactly how much chai you can consume during pregnancy. 

Tea has a lower amount of caffeine per cup compared to coffee. On average, one eight oz. cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine. Black tea, on average, has a range of 14-70 milligrams of caffeine. Since doctors agree that 200 milligrams daily during pregnancy is not dangerous, you can comfortably drink two cups of chai. We recommend brewing at home to control the mixture more than drinking at different cafes. You can learn more about how to brew the perfect cup of chai at home here

Our team tested six chai brews to discover that the strongest tested registered only a third of the amount of caffeine allowed during pregnancy. To control the strength of caffeine, don’t forget that a shorter steep time decreases the caffeine content up to 80%. Out of the six chai’s we brewed, even the weakest only registered the same amount of caffeine as a medium decaf coffee.

We dive deeper into our blog’s highs and lows of chai caffeine content, but our non-medical opinion is that keeping one daily cup of chai will not harm or distress during pregnancy. We always recommend consulting your family doctor and OBGYN for a medically verified answer. 

Chai Tea And Pregnancy: The Ingredients

Does Chai Tea Have Ingredients That Make It Unsafe During Pregnancy? Let’s review the most common ingredients and spice blends found in chai. 

We take a deeper look at the history and origins of our favourite beverage on our blog, but here are the facts on what you can and cannot drink with your chai during pregnancy. 

Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy: Star Anise

Star Anise is a fragrant leading herb in a chai brew. When you are not pregnant, the health benefits of star anise are great! It is great to work against indigestion and helps ease bloating, constipation, and abdominal cramps. 

While your body undergoes several changes during pregnancy, one big one involves your hormones. Studies have shown a link to star anise contributing to your hormones feeling jumbled and impacting blood thinner or the medications, Warfarin or Coumadin. We recommend consulting your family doctor for the best advice if you take either of these medications, find out that your pregnancy will be high-risk, or have diabetes.

Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy: Cinnamon

Cinnamon has several health benefits, making it an all-star ingredient in chai. Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Cinnamon is especially great for managing swelling and inflamed joints - a key benefit during pregnancy when you lose sight of your ankles! When taken in controlled amounts, its benefits always outweigh the negatives. 

It becomes a tricky measuring scale if you also take cinnamon supplements or indulge in sugary-cinnamon delights like cereals or buns. Cinnamon will lower your platelet count and result in more bleeding during delivery, specifically if you have scheduled a caesarean.

Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy: Fennel

Fennel is an active ingredient in several varieties of chai, but it can also brew as a solitude tea. While science doesn’t point out any adverse effects to consuming fennel as an active ingredient, you risk inducing labour if you ingest or drink pure fennel beverages. 

Fennel contains levels of oestrogen that may trigger your body to go into labour. Midwives and obstetricians can prescribe it to assist with late pregnancy, but pregnant persons should not drink before consulting their physician. 

Can You Drink A Chai Latte During Pregnancy?

If you are a chai drinker who prefers it served with hot milk and beautiful latte art from your local coffee shop, breathe a sigh of relief. You can continue to drink a chai latte during pregnancy and even use the opportunity for dairy intake. 

As previously mentioned, doctors recommend only having 200 milligrams daily during pregnancy. A large chai tea latte will max out at 120 milligrams. Once again, we encourage you to consult with your family doctor, midwife, or obstetricians if you are facing a high-risk pregnancy or have pre-existing conditions to consider. 

The Verdict: YES! Chai Tea Is Safe During Pregnancy

Finding out about your pregnancy will put you on high alert and make you reconsider several diet options or daily indulgences. You will be thinking about eating and consuming items that will only strengthen your body. Stepping into this new chapter doesn’t mean eliminating your daily chai, but we urge you to brew at home and control the amount of caffeine per cup. 

It’s an exciting time, and while you must stop with certain things in your diet, chai is a great addition. Drinking chai can make your pregnancy more comfortable with the several healthy ingredients and super foods in every cup. It is also a proven drink that can help with inflammation and nausea, two symptoms you’ll want to counteract during pregnancy. 

At Monk’s Chai, our mission is simple. We want to continue creating the perfect chai that honours freshness, taste, and provenance in every cup. With our premium chai blends and accessories, you can worry-free brew the perfect chai every day for the next nine months.

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