Brewing Methods

Monk's Chai is for peace of mind
Monk's Chai Brewing Methods
Barista Method 1 (Brewed) :
Weigh Monk's chai to your preferred taste. Choose your path (dosage) from the flavour guide below.
Soak with just enough hot water (below boiling) and steep for 4 minutes ( Typically 100ml) 
Add your favourite milk (soy, nut or dairy, etc.) and steam (Typically 250-300ml)
Strain into a pre-heated cup and steam add an optional dash on top of the foam of your Chai latte to serve
The flavour will be spicy and sweet with deeper layers of spice and tea.
Barista Method 2 (Quick) : 
Weigh Monk's chai to your preferred taste. Choose your path (dosage) from the flavour guide below.
Add preferred dose of Monk's Chai directly to barista milk jug
Add cold milk to the jug 
Steam for about 10-15 seconds in the mug.
Strain into cup and add an option dusting of cinnamon on the top of your chai latte to serve.
The flavour will be still be delicious with caramel notes of vanilla and malt coming through in the tea with the hum of spice. 
Home Method:
Add your preferred quantity of Monk's chai into a small sauce-pan Choose your path from the guide below.
Add 250ml - 300ml of your favourite milk (soy, nut or dairy, etc.)
Raise heat gently and stir at least once a minute for about 4-5 minutes. 
Remove from heat just before boiling point.
Strain into a cup and enjoy. 
Option- add sprinke of fresh cinnamon to finish.
Monk's 3 paths to chai flavour enlightenment - Dosage
Bliss - 15g (1 heaped TBLS, typical for home-brewed. Subtle warmth of spices and a kiss of sweetness)
Vision Quest - 20-25g (Standard for most cafes and restaurants. A taste experience that customers will come back for)
Hero Dose- 30g ( The monk standard. Spicy with just enough sweet. A hug in a mug)
Cold Brew Method: 
Here's our refreshing spring/summer cold chai recipe:
This recipe works for black chai's or cold mylky chais. 

Makes 10 serves

1) Use a large container ( plastic or glass)
2) Place 250g of Chai into the container
3) Add 2 liters of water / MYLK
4) Stir well with a large spoon or paddle
5) Cover and let sit for 18 hours in the fridge
6) Strain well and serve with ice.

Add optional squeeze of lemon wedge or lemon rind garnish to black chai.
Add optional sprinkle of cinnamon to the mylky cold brew after adding ice.