Why is it called Monk's Chai?

Monk Bodhi DharmaMonk Bodhi Dharma painting

Monk Bodhi Dharma

The first patriarch of Zen Buddhism, the sixth century Indian monk who is credited with bringing Buddhism to China, spent nine years facing a cave wall in meditation. Known as the angry monk, one day he was furious with his inability to stay awake while meditating. In his frustration he began to cry. As the legend goes, his tears became tea plants upon falling to the ground. This legend suggests that tea's qualities were not lost on monks who spent long hours in meditation. To this day, in many parts of China, people will not order tea by the modern name of 'Cha' (tea) they will call it Buddha's tears. 

We think that the stories of Bodhi Dharma and his earnest heart of service and high virtue was inspiring. According to his legends he brought so much goodness into the world, including tea. This is why we decided to name the original cafe where we started after Monk Bodhi Dharma. And now you know why we call our comforting blend, Monk's Chai.